Will you trust a 1/2" piece of wood
to protect your home and family.
Stop Intruders from Breaking-in Now
iVault Door Reinforcement Kit protects your family & home by reinforcing your existing door to make it 5x stronger against burglaries
Robber kicking on door to break in
What people say about us
iVault is actually peace of mind

"Most of the time when I was at work or out for business meetings. I felt afraid thinking of my family living all alone when crimes are increasing everyday. Because of which I considered installing iVault protection kit and after seeing its demo I felt very much assured and relaxed that it can definitely protect my family."

- Stephanie Beckham

Criminals do not care about the life of your precious family, your hard earned possessions, nor your home.

Does it bother you every single time you see another video of a burglar "caught on camera" violating yet another innocent unsuspecting family and makes you think about your family's safety? Ever notice how brazen criminals are despite being "caught on camera" committing a crime?

This is because criminals don't mind being "CAUGHT ON CAMERA" if they're not getting "CAUGHT FOR THE CRIME"

There are two types of security measures

But, only one is designed to actually stop burglars from getting in.

This is why we created our patented Burglary Prevention products to give you a peace of mind and prevent your family from becoming another victim

Watch this video and know how iVault Door Reinforcement kit can protect your entire family and home from dangerous criminals

iVault turns your normal door into an invisible vault and makes it 5x stronger to stop intruders from entering

Here's what our complete door reinforcement package includes


Made of solid stainless steel, this beautiful bracket reinforces the lock area of the door


This 40" solid stainless steel bar protects that 1/2" weak area of the doorjamb


A solid 1/4" thick bar protects the hinge side of the door, by preventing the door from bending.

Why would you trust a 1/2″ piece of wood
to protect your entire family?

Without Reinforcement

No matter how strong your door, this 1/2″ piece of wood is the only thing keeping criminals out.

Because it only takes seconds to kick-in a door and a lifetime for help to arrive, the #1 entry point for burglars are kicking in a door.

iVault’s patented door system turns your home into an “invisible iVault” to stop burglars

With Reinforcement

Therefore, our patented door reinforcement system makes your existing door 5x STRONGER to stop break-ins.
Buy iVault Door Reinforcement Kit and protect your home today

What all you can protect with iVault

Home & Family

Unfortunately it only takes one encounter with a burglar to completely alter your life and the precious life of your family, as criminals are becoming more brazen in their attempt to steal all you have. STOP THEM NOW!

Investment Property

Real estate investors play an integral role in revitalizing communities and upholding property values. As former investors, our goal is to help you to protect your hard earned investment properties.


We work with H.O.A.’s, Apt complexes, Real Estate firms, Locksmiths and more in the effort to keep entire communities safe from burglars. We wholesale our products and train their team to properly install our products.

iVault Home Protection is a veteran owned business that's still protecting America

We protected your country
let us protect your home.